Linux Is for Kids

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| My brother doesn’t know that I’m installing OpenSuSE 10.3 on his daughters’
| PC. I honestly don’t think he will mind once he sees all of the cool
| applications and games on it. Hell, he’ll probably want to use it himself.
| I’ll tell the girls not to let him use it, because it’s the kids’ computer,
| not for adults.

Speaking of SUSE:

SUSE Linux Desktop 1.0 has reached End of Life

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| SUSE Linux Desktop 1.0 was released end of May 2003, making its lifetime 4.5
| years.


Ubuntu Sharing on a Saturday Morning!

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| The Beauty of it lies where there are no preconceptions or judgement
| passed on Ubuntu. she just uses it. there is no comparing... or
| complaining about not having support. She is only 5 and she can
| use linux... in fact my wife has failed to find an alternative on
| other operating systems that can attract my daughter.

Beryl + AIGLX - 2 Year old using Beryl as proof of how simple it is!

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| Proof Beryl is so simple a 2 year old can use it!

I've just met Santa Claus.

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| His name is Ken Starks and many only know him as "helios". Ken has a popular
| blog and a cause he has given much for. As a Linux advocate, Ken has not only
| spread the word across the nation and the world about Linux, he has taken on
| the task of giving poor kids computers. He calls it by the corny name of
| Komputers4Kids but it doesn't matter how corny the name sounds, it is what he
| does that makes the difference. Ken has made a difference in the lives of
| over a hundred kids in the past year. * * *