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Say hello to the new splashscreen!

"For KDE, it will surely be a great one, the launch of KDE 4, the start of a
new era, and then… but, hey! will say more of this yaddayadda in the next

New Oxygen splashscreen for KDE 4.0


KDE4 is very attractive for software service companies

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| The next version of KDE4 will run natively on Mac OS X and Windows XP and
| Vista. This means that it is a very attractive platform for software
| development. No other cross-platform toolkit looks as good as Qt and has an
| equally appealing API.

KDE4 is Very Attractive

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| KDE4 will be a big step towards an enterprise software business based on free
| software. The software on the big servers is there already, the desktop is
| next. - kdedevelopers blogs

KDE 4 Preview

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| KDE 4 looks very promising. It looks good, works good and I predict reception
| will be good. *

Introducing KDE 4

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| As most of you already know, it's the new KDE 4 default file manager. The KDE
| 3.x version introduce a new way for file management on KDE, You're probably
| asking yourself: New? In which way? Let me answer that, it introduced for the
| first time in KDE world a simple KDE file manager, easy to follow and use,
| because I believe users will agree that Konqueror (and don't even make me
| talk about Krusader) isn't the user friendliness application out there. * *