One view of "here's what we've done" in Perl 6

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| Lastly, there is a substantial suite of tests written for Perl 6 language
| features, currently held in the Pugs repository. These tests are about to
| undergo substantial review and revision for correctness, completeness, and
| cross-compatibility among the implementations that are in various stages of
| development.

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Call for Grant Proposals

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| The Perl Foundation is looking at giving some grants ranging from $500 to
| $3000 in February 2008.

Perl 5.10 now available

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| Today the Perl Foundation announces the release of Perl 5.10, the first major
| upgrade to the wildly popular dynamic programming language in over give
| years.


LAMP vs. LAMP Rematch

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| Both Perl and PHP are robust and powerful languages for creating
| web applications. They both offer large libraries of code, database
| drivers, and third party add-ons. For small and medium sized
| applications, the difference would be hard to notice. Extrapolatingt
| hese results to high traffic applications is not a good idea because
| too many other factors come into play. Whether you opt for Perl or
| PHP in your web development adventures, you win.