Win a Custom, Open-Source Mini Monster PC: Extreme Freebie

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| And we saved the best part for last. We’re running our little computer on a
| lean, Linux-based OS, and we want to give that away to everyone (see “DIY
| Operating System”). The only thing we’re not giving away is technical
| support.


Building Your Own High-Tech “Bug”

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| Users could also turn their Bugs into open-source digital video recorders,
| game controllers, biometric security scanners or any thousands of devices
| that the big electronics companies haven’t thought of or won’t address
| because the market for such a gadget is perceived as being too small. *


Hack: The Bug

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| Technology Review takes apart Bug Labs' modular open-source hardware system
| and explains how it works.
| [...]
| Linux Computer
| Most electronic devices, because of their limited memory and processing
| power, must be programmed using languages and techniques that are difficult
| to master. But the Linux computer at the heart of Bug Labs' modular device
| provides tools that let users program applications more easily. The
| technically inclined can program in Java, a widely known language, and make
| their programs available to other users. The device has enough memory to
| store multiple programs, so it can perform many different functions when the
| proper modules are connected. * * *

Open source hardware comes out of closet

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| EVER SINCE open-source software created a buzz, people have stroked chins,
| pondered and pontificated about the possibility of open-source hardware – and
| now it’s becoming a reality. *

The Future of Hardware is Open Source

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| Open Hardware is the future of technology, and all we need to kick off this
| next great revolution in technology is to have the right tools in the right *
| place at the right time. *After that, the sky’s the limit! *