So, just what can you do with this ASUS Eee Linux PC thing anyway?

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| The answer is lots. Sure, the things I said above are true. But don’t be
| deceived by a small glimpse at its hardware specs – there’s so much more
| which can be said. I’m definitely a fan, and the Eee PC’s sales figures
| suggest I’m not unique.

It also runs Compiz-Fusion and KDE 4 quite nicely.


The little computer that could ...

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| After reading the post on planetkde about KDE4 running smoothly on an aged
| machine, I was tempted to try it myself. Although the EeePC is far from old, *
| its CPU/memory and graphics card are relatively low end.
| I simply downloaded the latest KDE4 RC kubuntu live CD, and followed the
| instructions from the EeeUser wiki on how to make a "live" usb stick. A
| slight adjustment to the bios/boot order, installing the libgl1-mesa-dri
| package, and a short while later I was pleasantly surprised by the
| following... * *