Microsoft to build an ‘Emacs.Net’ text editor

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| Developers are puzzling over recent clues blogged by a few Microsoft
| employees regarding a new “Emacs.Net” tool the company is building.

Quote for the day:

"I don’t understand how IE is going to win. The current path is simply to copy
everything that Netscape does packaging and product wise."

--Jim Allchin


NT influenced by Unix

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| (Gates "And through Windows NT, you can see it throughout the design.
| In a weak sense, it is a form of Unix. There are so many of the
| design decisions that have been influenced by that environment. And
| that's no accident."
| In light of the recent saber rattling about Linux and patents, the "There
| are so many of the design decisions that have been influenced by that
| environment" sentence is particularly interesting if these patent
| threats include things that are prior Unix art. "In a weak sense, it
| is a form of Unix" is also telling. I said before that I don't think
| that's the case; I think the patent stuff is talking about things like
| Samba and Mono, but even there the "influenced by that environment"
| could be important in the court of public opinion if not in actual
| law.

This eWeek [on Servers]

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| I asked Jason about Windows Server's newfound security: "The first time
| I heard about this new feature," he said, "I thought it was clearly a
| response to Linux.
| Windows Server 2008 isn't quite there yet, according to Jason's tests.

Death of the command line

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| It's hard for me to imagine using an OS without a strong command line.
| Even Microsoft has recognized the for that with their Monad Shell
| (though they are at least temporarily removing that from Vista). Linux
| of course has its Bash shell, Mac OS X has Terminal (which now defaults
| to Bash) - everybody knows you need a shell.