Dyne:bolic 2.5.2 – screenshots

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| Dyne:bolic is a LiveCD Linux distribution, shaped on the needs of media
| activists, artists and creatives. It is distributed with a large assortment
| of applications for audio and video manipulation. Dyne:bolic is based
| entirely on free software.


The Sound Of Linux 2007

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| In this article I've selected what I consider to be some of the past year's
| outstanding achievements in the world of Linux music and sound software. It's
| not really a "Best Of 2007", it's just my personal choices for what I found
| most interesting and significant in the past year.



Review: dyne:bolic 2.4.2

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| The dyne:bolic website, though it contains a lot of RASTA propaganda,
| is pretty good. The dyne:bolic online documentation is pretty useful.
| There are detailed instructions on docking (installing) dyne:bolic to
| your hard disk, and also using nesting. A wiki is also available
| that contains even more information.
| If you use a lot of multimedia applications, dyne:bolic could be
| perfect for you.


Dyne:Bolic 2.4.2: A live CD multimedia studio

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| If you've ever wanted to make your own podcast, run a radio station,
| or edit movies, Dyne:Bolic is your free studio in a CD.


Audio in Linux is awesome

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| I can’t wait for PulseAudio. I’m sure that will make all of this even easier.


Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 1

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| As a result of this inquiry I decided to revisit the Linux soundapps site and
| check up on the commercial sound and music software for Linux. This article
| reveals and ponders some of the results from that visit.


Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 2

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| I hope this article has been enlightening with regards to the presence of
| commercially available sound and music software for Linux. Speaking
| personally, I'd love it if these programs were all free and open-source, but
| such decisions are best left to the programmers themselves. As mentioned,
| many of these programmers already contribute to the FOSS community. * *