Vista: even six years isn't enough

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| How many years does it take to create an operating system that works? How
| many people does it take to do the work - in other words, how many manhours
| does this task consume? Would Microsoft like to cast some light on this?

"Linux is a very complete and sophisticated operating system. And there is a
lot of work being done to improve it in and of itself, particularly to make it
easier to use and easier for people to set up on their personal computers."

--Paul Maritz, senior vice-president, Microsoft


10 Worst Tech Products of 2007

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| Windows Vista: Where to begin? Vista arrived in stores months late, forced
| untold thousands of users to upgrade their hardware, made mincemeat of
| software and drivers that worked perfectly well in XP, ended up lacking many
| of the bold-faced features we'd been promised, and came saddled with new and
| annoying set of video DRM schemes. At least Vista now boasts an option for
| downgrading back to XP. * *

The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

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| #1. No Wow, No How: Windows Vista
| Five years in the making and this is the best Microsoft could do?

Vista makes the list as one of the top-10 worst consumer tech products of all

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| Pretty bad. But top ten of all time? That's mighty impressive.

Microsoft admits Vista screwed - report

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| Vista SP1 is code named "Fiji", presumably after a pretty looking
| island which is paralysed by coups.
| In a statement regarding the service pack Microsoft admits that
| Vista has "high impact" problems.