Juniper Networks releases FreeBSD/MIPS port to public

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| Juniper Networks, Inc. has donated a reference FreeBSD port to the MIPS
| architecture to the FreeBSD Project. (Juniper’s embedded router operating
| system (JUNOS) is based on FreeBSD.)

Jupiter is faking open source at times. And there are also the so-called open
source companies that are losing touch with Free software.

Open source’s new commercial strategy

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| InfoWorld blogger (and IBM employee) Savio Rodrigues notes another example.
| In a recent blog post, he looked at changes to JBoss since it was purchased
| by Red Hat Software and concluded: "The Fedora/JBoss subscription is just
| like the software subscription business model that commercial software
| vendors have been using for decades."

Quote for the day:

"We do NOT want to ship the ’standard’ with Windows because we want to make the
native APIs more attractive. We want to evolve the standard APIs rapidly, and
not have ISVs [independent software vendors] spending time on something that
is cross-platform. "

--Chairman Bill Gates