Free software in Polish schools

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| Thousands of Polish high school students now have a chance to learn about
| GNU/Linux and the benefits of using free software as Polish FLOSS foundation
| together with school headmasters, supported by local authorities organize a
| series of lectures on free software in education. has a
| report — summary of the first 3 months of the campaign.


Polish KDE Community Announces Web Site

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| has been established with a small editorial staff, an
| extension of the "KDE Press Team PL" established earlier this year
| to improve communications and contact between KDE and the Polishm
| edia. Everyone is invited to join.

ODF Alliance Hails Brazil, India, Italy, and Poland for Recognizing
OpenDocument Format

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| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), a broad
| cross-section of organizations, academia and industry dedicated
| to improving access to electronic government documents, today
| applauded Brazil's decision to recommend ODF as the government's
| preferred format; India's decision to use ODF at a major state
| government agency; and Italy's decision to recognize ODF as
| national standard.
| The Alliance also recognized Poland, too, for demonstrating serious
| interest in adopting ODF in the wake of a national meeting held for
| its government with broad participants from industry and non-profit
| agencies.

Polish National Interoperability Framework promotes Open Standards

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| This basically means that Microsoft’s Office Open XML will not be
| treated as open standard, thus not preferred in Polish e-Government
| services, making OpenDocument Format the office standard of choice.

Poland against OOXML? [Microsoft later corrupted the country through top

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| Polish Technical Committee no 171 has just voted 80% against the adoption
| OOXML as an ISO standard [PL].

Poland votes yes on OOXML

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| Several protests were sent already to PKN and TC 182 on behalf of: Free and
| Open Source Foundation, TC 171 members, Google Poland, IBM Poland, but I
| really doubt they will make the difference in Polish vote among ISO. The
| whole process was planned to the last minute so that there is not enough time
| to protest or make any changes. Although it is not as clear situation of
| vote-buying as in Sweden, it strikes me as something from typical Microsoft
| lobbying portfolio. * * *