Yahoo files for 'smart' drag-and-drop patent

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| The Yahoo patent revolves around the concept of "smart" drag-and-drop
| commands, which show users good places to move an object. The problem,
| according to Peer to Patent reviewers, is that there are several instances of
| prior art, among them Apple's Mail and Finder applications, along with
| Microsoft's Excel and Visio. In the case of the latter two, points are
| generated on a diagram as users drag out lines; this may or may not be enough
| to challenge Yahoo, as the patent mentions close proximity to the drag

Qwest Settles Patent Dispute with Ronald Katz Technology Licensing

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| Approximately 200 companies have already purchased licenses to use the
| patents in question, which cover a range of interactive services ranging from
| automated prescription refills to securities trading, and home shopping to
| teleconferencing.

Kodak settles patent suit with Matsu****a

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| Eastman Kodak will receive royalties from Matsu****a Electric Industrial
| through a settlement of a July patent infringement suit, according to a
| regulatory filing Thursday.

Quote for the day:

"I thanked [Compaq's John] Rose for all of his trips to Seattle and his
willingness to distract a lot of time for the lawsuit."

--Bill Gates


Flickr Patenting "Interestingness"

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| So basically, nobody else can use tags to label files. Totally
| original thinking from the folks at flickr.

Yahoo! claims! it! invented! Web! 2!

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| If the patent is granted, lawyers could be showing up at the door of
| Web 2.0 companies to demand cash.