Hands on: Change your PC's graphical look

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| There is no doubt that you get a lot of choice with Linux. This follows
| through to the desktop environment.
| While in OS X and Windows you are stuck with whatever Apple or Microsoft
| gives you, with Linux you can choose your desktop environment.
| The two main options are KDE and Gnome, both mature and complete desktops. In
| the past KDE has proved more popular, offering many more advanced features
| and a big selection of powerful applications.
| However, while the developers have been concentrating on the upcoming KDE4
| for some time, the Gnome developers haven’t been idle. Gnome follows a
| six-month release cycle, each version adding extra features, better
| performance and more polish.


Quote for the day:

"We’re disheartened because Microsoft helped W3C develop the very standards
that they’ve failed to implement in their browser. We’re also dismayed to see
Microsoft continue adding proprietary extensions to these standards when
support for the essentials remains unfinished."

--George Olsen, Web Standards Project


Salesforce.com CEO: Customization is king

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| Marc Benioff argues that Apex will let customers diverge further
| from one-size-fits-all hosted applications approach.