SugarCRM CEO John Roberts: On-Demand Dynamics Are Changing

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| "We wrote SugarCRM from scratch and then released it on open source -- that
| means we are able to indemnify our customers, which is an important issue in
| open source. Right now, we are using the GPL version 3, which is one of the
| best licenses out there," said SugarCRM CEO John Roberts.

Quote for the day:

"Number two is move Netscape out of the win32 client area."

--Paul Maritz, senior vice president Microsoft


GPL Project Watch List for Week of 11/30

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| Lastly, the GPLv2 or later count is now at 6286 GPLv2 or later projects, as
| compared to last weeks number of 6119 GPL v2 or later projects.

Free Software Foundation Releases GNU Affero General Public License Version 3

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| The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today published the GNU Affero General
| Public License version 3 (GNU AGPLv3). This is a new license; it is based on
| version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPLv3), but has an
| additional term to allow users who interact with the licensed software over a
| network to receive the source for that program. By publishing this license,
| the FSF aims to foster user and development communities around
| network-oriented free software. * * *

A Quick Guide to GPLv3

Mark Webbink On: GPLv3

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| This week Mark Webbink, former Red Hat General Counsel discusses the GPLv3
| and talks about the limits of sharing, the mellowing out of Linus Torvalds, *
| and issues with the LGPLv3.


Sun tiptoes into GPLv3

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| Sun Microsystems will release its xVM Ops Center virtualisation management
| application under the General Public Licence version 3 (GPLv3), the company
| revealed at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. *

Why does Microsoft seem scared of GPLv3?

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| Microsoft is extremely keen to avoid "legal debate" over whether its recent
| partnerships with Linux firms such as Novell, Xandros, and Linspire, mean
| Redmond must assume any of the new licenses' legal obligations. *

FSF Says GPLv3 Means Microsoft Patent Protection for All

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| Microsoft's covenant not to sue users of Novell's SUSE Linux
| Enterprise will be extended to all General Public License v3
| users as soon as Novell includes GPLv3 code within its Linux
| distribution, according to the Free Software Foundation.