Regulating the Japanese cyberspace, one step at a time

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| While granted little attention in mainstream media, a series of
| Japanese-language articles, government reports, and blog entries on the topic
| together sketch basic details of the proposed regulations. The main points of
| these documents are summarized below, with references to resources offering
| more in-depth discussion included at the end of the article.

One country at a time, one excuse at a time, one step at a time. They are
policing the Internet for their selfish interests using things
like "sex", "piracy" and "terrorism" as excuses.

Earlier this week:

Vietnam Looks To Regulate Blogs

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| The idea of free speech and free press is perhaps one of the most dangerous
| threats to governments seeking to control the population. This is precisely
| what made the founders of the United States so revolutionary – the ability to
| share information allows the people to control the government, not the other
| way around. * *

Watchdog: Beijing Threatens Free Speech

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| A Beijing city regulation clamping down on people who send text messages
| that "spread rumors" or "endanger public security" is a threat to freedom of
| expression, a watchdog group said Monday.
| China Human Rights Defenders, an international network of activists and
| rights monitoring groups, said the recent regulation on text messages "raises
| serious concerns over the restriction of freedom of expression in China."