Tech Cold War 2007!

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| The much-awaited and utterly disappointing launch of Windows Vista has
| further opened windows for Linux Adoption. According to a survey by Linux
| Foundation, the adoption of Linux has increased at the desktop front as well.
| Thanks to the highly user-friendly interface that GNU/Linux operating systems
| are offering. With the awesome 3D desktop effects of KDE 4, Vista's Aero
| looks like a resource-hungry kid with limited 'skill sets' to increase your
| productivity.
| [...]
| This is one true fight where Microsoft flexed every muscle to get ISO
| certification for its OOXML format. While's ODF format is
| already an ISO standard, Microsoft tried every bit to get an ISO
| certification for its format; which it didn't get though. Microsoft lost out
| to majority votes which gave a thumbs down to its OOXML format, owing to
| various reasons. Even India turned it down stating some technological flaws.
| However, Microsoft will be back to the committee in February 2008, and it is
| expected they might get the certification if they implement to the suggested
| changes.
| It might not matter much for Microsoft to get its format ISO standard as
| almost 95 per cent of the users are dependent on its Office suite; but to get
| government customer they do need the certification, hence the whole fight.
| Even there was a case reported in Sweden where some alleged Microsoft
| employees bribed to vote in OOXML's favour. Later, Sweden withdrew itself
| from the voting.

Finally it shows KDE 4 instead of a brown Ubuntu representing GNU/Linux.

Quote for the day:

"[MS Office is]the biggest Apple carrot."

--Paul Maritz, senior vice president Microsoft


Introducing KDE 4

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| As most of you already know, it's the new KDE 4 default file manager. The KDE
| 3.x version introduce a new way for file management on KDE, You're probably
| asking yourself: New? In which way? Let me answer that, it introduced for the
| first time in KDE world a simple KDE file manager, easy to follow and use,
| because I believe users will agree that Konqueror (and don't even make me
| talk about Krusader) isn't the user friendliness application out there. * *

KDE4 is very attractive for software service companies

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| The next version of KDE4 will run natively on Mac OS X and Windows XP and
| Vista. This means that it is a very attractive platform for software
| development. No other cross-platform toolkit looks as good as Qt and has an
| equally appealing API.

KDE4 is Very Attractive

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| KDE4 will be a big step towards an enterprise software business based on free
| software. The software on the big servers is there already, the desktop is
| next. - kdedevelopers blogs