Wal-Mart cancels movie download service

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| HP spokesman Hector Marinez said the company decided to discontinue its video
| download-only merchant store services because the market for paid video
| downloads did not perform "as expected." He noted that the Internet video
| business remains uncertain and is changing rapidly.


BBC should pay attention. Its download service was made Windows-only and it
later made a streaming option, only because all platforms needed to be
supported. Google screwed many people as well when they shut down such as
service and denied people access to films that they _bought_.

The Register published an article to explain how the clunky iPlayer (for
Windows) has become a great shame and a dinosaur in a Web era. Microsoft longs
for desktop (Windows-only) lockins.

Quote for the day:

"I can say that if that’s Microsoft’s best defense, they’ve got a very
desperate strategy in responding to the DOJ’s case."

--Scott McNealy


Anti-DRM Protesters call on the BBC to eliminate DRM from the iPlayer

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| London and Manchester, England – Two weeks after the BBC officially launched
| the iPlayer, protesters wearing bright yellow Hazmat suits gathered outside
| BBC Television Center in London and BBC headquarters in Manchester to demand
| that Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) be eliminated from the BBC. *
| The BBC have developed the "iPlayer" at a cost to the BBC license fee payer
| of £130 Million and rising. *
| [...]
| FSF Executive Director attending the protest spoke about the corrupting
| influence of Microsoft, "BBC values have been corrupted because BBC
| Executives are too closely associated with Microsoft. BBC values have been
| corrupted because the iPlayer uses proprietary software and standards made
| under an exclusive deal with Microsoft. BBC values have been corrupted
| because license fee payers must now own a Microsoft operating system to
| download BBC programming. BBC values have been corrupted because license fee
| payers must accept DRM technologies that spy and monitor on the digital files
| held on their computers. We are here today to help BBC Director General Mark
| Thompson, clean up this DRM mess, and to encourage the BBC Trust to reverse
| course and eliminate DRM from the BBC iPlayer" * * * * *