Winning by not competing at all

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| How I drove my brother nuts was that I did exactly what my mom said. I quit
| competing. I started working on my inner geek, while he was off trying to
| figure out why I didn't engage anymore.
| This is why Linux makes MS nuts.
| Linux / Open Source et al does not compete with MS. They don't care about the
| issues MS cares about. Sure there are certain corners of the Linux world...
| even entire distros that try to compete with MS, but at the end of the day
| Linux/OpenSource (L/OS) is about whatever they are interested in.
| Where MS is in part about things like Digital Rights Management and piracy of
| their code and the like, L/OS could collectively not care less. The very
| beginning of Linux is a microcosm of the whole thing: Linus Torvalds needed
| an OS for something at school, and so he wrote one.

Quote for the day:

"There’s been absolutely no change in operating system market-share, there’s
been no change in office productivity suites market-share, no change in the
management, the style, or the practices of that organization, and this has
nothing to do with the DOJ case."

--Scott McNealy


Soviet Microsoft: How Resistance to Free Markets and Open Ideas Will
the Unravel the Software Superpower

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| The New Soviet Union.
| Microsoft isn't evil for being Microsoft, but because its leadership
| values control above delivering good products or advancing the state
| of the art. Rather than competing in the market, Microsoft's
| leadership has pursued a strategy of repeatedly deceiving the market.
| The result has been decades of productivity losses that negatively
| impact the rest of the world's economy and distract humanity away from
| technical achievement to instead fiddle with shoddy software that is
| weak because it was developed outside of competitive pressure....
| However, the iron fist of resistance to outside ideas was as
| destructive to the USSR as the inbreeding of royalty was to Europe's
| empire nations before it. Microsoft is facing the same failure by
| arrogantly pushing old strategies and ignoring the potential of open
| source. Microsoft's anti-open rhetoric even sounds a lot like the
| Soviet's view of free markets, laced with fear-based propaganda that
| promises dire consequences for experimenting with the open source
| ideas that are already proven to work outside of the Red Square of
| Redmond....