Report: Google, DoCoMo Working on Deal

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| Last month, DoCoMo joined the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 34
| companies that have pledged to work with Google and its Android platform.

Again they approach a Microsoft shill for a comment (Michael Gartnenberg is a
former Microsoft employee and an active astroturfer).

Quote for the day:

"At bottom, the Open Source movement is an expression of the Western academic
tradition, innovation and discovery through the free exchange of ideas. You
rig that system at your peril. You have only to look at the stagnation of
Soviet science and industry under a centralized autocratic system, versus the
innovation that happened in our free markets, to see what fate you have in
store for yourselves if you succeed."

--Tim O’Reilly


Linux phone stack vendor wins big in Japan

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| The deal could see the Access Linux Platform (ALP) serving as a common OS
| platform for NEC, Panasonic, and Esteemo phones sold by NTT DoCoMo and other
| mobile carriers. ¬*


Linux mobile phone stack vendors align

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| MontaVista and Access have pledged to work together to produce a version of
| MontaVista's Linux-based mobile phone operating system optimized for Access's
| mobile phone software application and middleware stack. ¬*

Open Mobile Alliance to Support Mobile Linux Handsets

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| The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum says has established a formal liaison
| and framework for cooperation between the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and
| LiPS. In particular, LiPS delivers specifications and standards for services
| and user applications on Linux-based telephony platforms, and OMA develops
| open specifications for mobile content and services. ¬* ¬*