Automation computer boasts six serial ports

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| Advantech has extended its range of "embedded automation computers" with a
| system that offers Pentium M or Celeron M processing power and runs Linux.

Also new:

German firm ships Linux-compatible PrPMC module

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| The Linux-compatible PMC-CPU/440 CPU module can automatically switch between
| monarch (PrPMC) and non-monarch (PMC) mode according to the system's
| requirements.

Quote for the day:

"Companies and individuals in rich countries will have to contribute technology
and cash to kick-start a truly global Information Revolution."

--Bill Gates


Linux touchpanel automates homes, boardrooms

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| Convergent Living used Linux to build a WiFi-capable automation controller
| aimed at letting users program HVAC and multimedia equipment in homes or
| offices. The handheld Companion Muse is one of several energy-efficient,
| Linux-based touchscreen controllers from Convergent, whose products range
| from kitchen computers to flatscreen TVs. * *

Industry group aims Linux at automation apps

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| As the market for Linux in industrial automation grows, so do the activities
| of the Open Source Automation Development Lab.

Automation device maker taps commercial embedded Linux

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| Wind River has announced another design win for its Linux distribution
| targeting consumer electronics devices. AMX, which sells high-end industrial
| and home automation systems used in the White House's War Room and elsewhere,
| will switch its "Modero" touchpanels to Platform for Consumer Devices, Linux
| Edition (PCD-LE). * *

Glaucus Linux Powered Automation Appliance

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| "Glaucus is a computer configured specifically for the described
| automation tasks. Because it is not used as a general-purpose
| computer it is immune to problems like your children using
| software that interferes with the critical operations or even
| causes the computer to crash It uses the ultra-reliable Linux
| operating system. It has no monitor, keyboard or mouse. All
| interaction with it is through a browser interface..."