Microsoft Shows Linux Some Dual-Boot Love with Windows - On supercomputers

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| Still, Microsoft is in full throttle when it comes down to Windows and Linux
| interoperability, and a new whitepaper titled "How to Build a Dual-Boot
| Linux / Windows HPC Server 2008 System" comes to prove just that.


Quote for the day:

"The Linux community may not be the most genteel group ever assembled, but when
it’s war its members start fighting."

--Mary Jo Foley


Vista scoots to new boot, but it's still kinda rooted

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| While Microsoft would like the world to believe that anyone running Windows
| has no need of any other operating system, that attitude doesn?t cut much
| mustard with many of its users.
| Why settle for one OS when your PC is easily capable of running two or
| more?
| [...]
| One of the more questionable tactics that Microsoft has implemented in
| Vista is to automatically overwrite any existing MBR during the
| installation process without asking if you mind or giving you an option
| to back up.
| Microsoft says that the Windows installation system can't intelligently
| interrogate an existing non-MS MBR, although such features are quite
| common in the install routine for other OSes.
| It also argues that an "official" Vista MBR is required for security
| features -- such as measured boot, which works with Trusted Platform
| Module (TPM)-enabled chips to check that the OS hasn't been hacked or
| altered each time it boots -- to work correctly.

Geek in Paradise - Vista Upgrade

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| As the HP Advisor disc was in the process of finishing, the machine
| froze solid. After giving it 5 minutes of no disk activity, I reset
| the machine to be greeted by a lovely blinking cursor. I put the
| Vista disc in and booted into a repair installation, where I ran the
| Repair tool. My hunch was proved correct when it returned a corrupted
| MBR, which it had fixed. Thinking all was well, I rebooted to be
| greeted with a black screen (no blinking cursor). Well, there's
| something more going on so I rebooted into the repair tool and let
| it do it's thing. This time, it found a Corrupted Partition table
| which it then said it repaired. Awesome! Next reboot was greeted by
| the same black screen, so I figured the other partition was corrupt
| as well and let the repair tool run again and fix the partition
| table again. Reboot, same thing...

WARNING!! There is windows in my.. BIOS!!!!

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| From my laptop's Bios download page
| This BIOS is ONLY for use with Windows Vista. Please do not install this
| BIOS for use with Windows XP, or other Windows versions.

0wning Vista from the boot

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| Does it work on all the versions of Windows Vista?
| Nitin & Vipin: Yes, It should work with almost all Vista releases,
| even localised ones, but it will need a little bit of fine tuning.
| Most probably, it will support Vista Pack 1, but hey this is only
| a guess.
| Have you released your code online?
| Nitin & Vipin: No, we haven't released the code for vbootkit, but
| we have provided binaries to a few antivirus vendors.
| However, you can download previous versions of bootkit (which runs
| on Windows 2000/XP/2003) from the our site. Even source code is
| provided.