Editors' retrospective -- Linux Devices in 2007

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| * Mobile Internet tablets took off, fueled by Nokia's N800 and N810
| models, as well as Intel's Mobile Internet Device (MID) project...
| * The mobile browser wars began in earnest, with commercial vendors like
| Opera, Access, and OpenWave taking a backseat to open source browser
| projects...
| * As the "post-PC" world shifts attention from desktops and laptops to
| new form factors such as mobile Internet tablets...


Quote for the day:

"If you don’t know what you need Windows NT for, you don’t need it."

--Bill Gates


Linux loyalty runs high among embedded software developers, says VDC

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| Looking ahead, 87% percent of Linux users plan to use Linux in their next
| project. In both cases, use of free distributions outnumbered use of paid
| distributions by a sizable margin. *


Linux to grow 278% in embedded/mobile/real-time apps

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| Linux use in "next" embedded, mobile, and real-time projects will grow 278
| percent over that in "previous" projects, suggests a recent survey by Venture
| Development Corp. (VDC). *