Compiz Fusion Community News for December 27th, 2007: Late (Insert Festive
Season Holiday Name Here) Present

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| Shelf Plugin
| The Shelf plugin by Kristian Lyngstol allows you to visually scale down your
| windows for a monitor style size, whilst being able to interact with other
| windows. You can place a shelfed window anywhere on screen and is a good
| alternative to minimization for those who don’t have a panel of any sort

These are productivity boosters. They just happen to look great, too.


PCLinuxOS Rediscovered

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| Now that I'm back on PCLinuxOS, I feel a lot more comfortable with my PC, and
| my productivity (if I do something productive, that is) has increased 10
| folds, as compared to Windows XP, and just about a billion times if compared
| to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. *

Switching from KDE to WinXP #2

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| Conclusion
| I have looked at several features that KDE?s Konqueror has but that
| WinXP's Explorer doesn't have. I have also mentioned a few of the
| things I don't like about Explorer and often why I think Konqueror's way of
| doing it is better. You may have noticed that there is nothing positive
| about Explorer. That is true and it is not for lack of trying. The fact is,
| for me, the way I work, there is just nothing special about Explorer. I
| didn't find any feature that struck me as being especially cool or useful
| that Konqueror didn?t also have.
| Switching from KDE to WindowsXP at work has seriously impaired my
| productivity.

The Road to KDE 4: KWin Composite Brings Bling to KDE [with Videos]

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| The Present Windows Effect - a very useful effect that falls into
| both eye-candy and usability categories...

howto enhance your workflow with beryl

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| Problem is, I spread my applications across all 4 desktops, so
| that things feel uncluttered when I'm working on an application.
| However, when you want to keep an eye on several applications at
| a time, it's impossible - except, if you have beryl. What I do
| is set one of the corners of my desktop to activate the scale
| plugin to show all windows from all desktops (see here for a
| more detailed explanation). I also make sure that it shows
| minimised windows.

Another Beryl 0.1.3 Video

Cool New Beryl Feature: Ring Window Switcher

Beryl's new 3D animations!

Cool new Beryl Feature: Window Thumbnails

Beryl Group tab plugin

Older stuff (also Compiz):