There's more to Linux than Ubuntu

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| I already said that it scares me. It scares me that I am in no power to
| change the state of affairs. It scares me because competition between
| distribution benefits them all, perfecting the tools, causing applications to
| be developed, economies and companies created, communities united. Without
| all this, Linux would stop being the "way of the l337", and the title "cool"
| and talent may move to other directions. So I hope it's not too late. I hope
| there's still time to differentiate. To explain to all that Linux is what
| matters, not the specific distribution, no matter how good and successful it
| may be. Hell, I may even use Ubuntu for different purposes, but I will use
| others as well (Gentoo for example, but also Fedora Core/CentOS and others),
| and remember the most important thing.
| There's much more to Linux than just Ubuntu.

Linux Mint: A Newbie's Perspective

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| Overall, Mint is like they say: Minty fresh. Any beginning user could jump in
| with some help from Google and install Mint with no problems.


Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon

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| According to the 2007 survey, Ubuntu is the distribution of
| choice for 30% of GNU/Linux users. The exact figure is questionable, but
| Ubuntu's dominance is not. For an increasing number of people, Ubuntu is
| GNU/Linux. Yet, looking at the pre-releases of Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10, I
| found myself becoming disturbed by the degree to which this popularity has
| translated into uncritical acceptance. * *