More Than Just the iPhone

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| But perhaps the item with the most long-term impact on embedded and mobile
| development is Linux. There’s always going to be a role for internally
| developed operating systems that are explicitly designed for a specific bit
| of hardware—they’re just becoming more capable, as seen by Symbian’s addition
| of Java support to its Series 40 platform for mass-market devices.
| Nevertheless, it’s becoming clear that Linux is proving flexible enough and
| robust enough to be useful as an embedded or mobile platform. For example,
| MontaVista Software was able to talk up the performance of its Linux-based
| Pro 5, claiming that it could beat real-time requirements in a number of
| cases.
| Meanwhile, in recognition of the strength of numbers, industry players set up
| the LiMo Foundation with the aim of promoting Linux as a platform for mobile
| devices, and welcomed a second wave of members that ranged from carriers to
| chip makers. Even Intel caught the community bug, releasing the latest
| version of its Mobile Platform SDK as an open source project in July.


Google-powered mobile phones to make a February debut?

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| First came the fervent and persistent rumours of a Google mobile phone.
| Then, just six short weeks ago, the search supremo (and
| just-about-everything-else-online supremo) announced there would not be
| a ‘Google phone' per se, but rather dozens of them from a raft of mobile
| manufacturers, and all built on an open Linux-based mobile phone platform
| named Android.


Google Android dev kit exposes Apple-inspired roots

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| The release to developers of Google's Linux-based Android operating system
| for mobile phones reveals that the prototype software shares at least a few
| aspects in common with interfaces from the company's Bay Area neighbor,
| Apple.

Google spending hundreds of millions on mobile

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| Anian, a Reuters company that tracks industry trends for institutional
| investors, reported last month that Google had engaged Taiwan's High Tech
| Computer Corpto design a Linux
| software-based phone for launch in the first quarter of 2008.