15 Bloggers Telling you Why Linux is Better

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| Every now and then I stumble into blog posts explaining why linux is better.
| Some quite passionately reasonable some are arguably hilarious, so I have
| decided to make a list of bloggers who are telling you why linux is better.
| Take a deep breath, here is why...


Top Five Open Source Stories Of 2007

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| It's been a landmark year for open source, and in so many different ways that
| even a casual survey of the year's events will range far and wide. Here's a
| quick rundown of what to me were the top five open source events of the
| year -- not an exhaustive list, of course, but the things that best reflected
| how important and widely entrenched open source software (especially Linux)
| has become.


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GAOLX808 Linux Based Software Compression DVR Card

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| GAO Tek is pleased to announce its new Linux OS based 8-channel software
| compression DVR card – GAOLX808.Compared with the Windows OS based products,
| this product runs faster, more efficiently and is virus-proof. *