Eight business technology trends to watch

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| Information goods such as software and editorial content are ripe for this
| kind of decentralized innovation; the Linux operating system, for example,
| was developed over the Internet by a network of specialists. But companies
| can also create physical goods in this way.


Another one to watch is virtualisation where Linux is already ahead.

The Top Five Virtualization Vendors

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| The same is true with virtualization. There is VMware and the rest of the
| pack. Big players like Microsoft, Sun and Oracle have started making their
| moves, and open-source alternatives are being offered by Citrix, Novell and
| Red Hat. Additionally, interesting things are happening with startups. Even
| so, at this point the virtualization game is dominated by VMware.



Is virtualization where Linux will top Windows…perhaps stealthily?

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| If this scenario plays out, Linux will return to its roots as a stealth OS.
| IT managers brought Linux into IT shops through the proverbial back door to
| use for applications that didn’t need top-level approvals. While it moved up
| to a more visible position in data centers, Linux also infiltrated cell
| phones and numerous other devices without fanfare. Today, Linux appears to be
| a front-runner as ISVs’ top OS choice for virtual appliances. Perhaps even
| Microsoft’s resistance is futile.


Cooking with Linux - Still Searching for the Ultimate Linux Distro?

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| Why does a person install one Linux, then another, and then yet another?
| Because a person can, of course! Such is the nature of choice, and Linux
| gives you a choice . . . and what a selection. *
| What distribution are you loading up today, François? MCNLive? Very nice, and
| compact, too. When you get a chance, you should copy it to your USB key. That
| way you can always carry a live Linux distribution with you. Quoi? You're not
| sure if this is the one. I see. Yesterday, you were running OpenSUSE 10.2,
| and the day before you installed both Debian Etch in the morning and Kubuntu
| Feisty in the afternoon. Last week, you managed Fedora Core 7, CentOS 5,
| Mandriva Corporate Desktop 4.0, Slackware Linux 12, and a half dozen others.
| Are you having trouble finding something you like? You like them all but you
| just can't choose, eh? * * * *