Ubuntu Linux review

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| So summarize what I think about Ubuntu, I would say it’s a pretty good distro
| to start out if you are switching from Windows to Linux and so far I love it
| and will be using it, also will try to figure out how to solve my crashing
| problems on fedora. Try it I would say, you are afraid you don’t know how to
| partition and all that, install Wubi makes life so much easier. Oh yea…and
| for those who says, I do most stuff on Windows and Linux doesn’t support my
| programs, there is always a way to run windows base application including
| games on Linux and one way is through Wine. Linux has a Photoshop like
| application too called GIMP which some claim is almost as good as Photoshop,
| may not be all that powerful but the basic n advance features are there.
| There’s msn for Linux, dreamweaver like programs, blue fish or Quantra Plus
| and other many more free application. Good thing now that Gnome and KDE
| programs could work with each other compared to last time where some programs
| were environment dependent.


Can the Microsoft 'agents' in this newsgroup not manage to handle this while
this man can?


Windows Vista: Work In Progress

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| Already, the list of non-compatible applications or hardware is fairly
| long. Microsoft's own Vista updates add to the number of third-partyp
| atches on which businesses will have to conduct compatibility testing.
| The burden is yet another reason to see slow business deployments in
| the early months following Windows Vista's release.