sidux 2007-04.5 christmas special

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| A lot has changed since sidux 2007-04 "Ερως" got released, most importantly
| additional hardware support for concurrent graphics-, DVB-, ALSA- and
| wireless LAN devices, which suggests to fresh up "Ερως", while continuing the
| development for sidux 2008-01 "Νυξ". Consequently we are now proud to
| announce the immediate availability of the sidux 2007-04.5 "Ερως" christmas
| special for amd64 and i686 systems, shipping in roughly ≈445 MB KDE lite
| flavours and a combined i386+amd64 release with ≈1430 MB KDE for kde-full.


[2007,12,25] Vine Linux 4.2 を公開


Momonga Linux 4 Release

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| To our regular users, Momonga Project wishs to express our most gratitude for
| continuing support.

Berry Linux 0.83 released. (2007.8.20)

New Partnership Extends Linux Foundation’s Work with Japanese Developers

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| Agreement Signed with Japanese Government Information-technology Promotion
| Agency (IPA) to help increase participation of Japanese developers in Linux
| and open source *

Japanese Government to Embrace Linux

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| Oracle Japan is said to be leading the effort, which could launch
| as early as next month.

Oracle, IBM, NEC to market Linux in Japan: Nikkei

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| Major information technology firms, including Oracle Corp., IBM Corp. and
| NEC Corp., will set up a consortium to sell servers and systems running
| the Linux operating system in Japan, a financial daily said on
| Thursday.

Schools across Japan may switch to Linux

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| Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported late last week that the
| Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to introduce
| the open-source operating system Linux for use within classrooms
| across the country in the near future.

Microsoft foresees more suits in Japan

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| A legal battle between Microsoft and Japanese anti-monopoly authorities
| is likely to conclude next year and might lead to lawsuits or other
| patent infringement complaints against the U.S. software company,
| an executive said Thursday.
| [...]
| Microsoft has been slapped with hefty fines by European Union regulators,
| who have said Microsoft broke competition laws and abused its dominant
| market position.

OpenLogic Extends Reach in Japan with Ashisuto Strategic Partnership

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| Under the agreement, OpenLogic will provide support to Ashisuto
| customers for hundreds of open source packages.

BakBone Leads Linux Data Protection Software Market in Japan for Fifth
Consecutive Year

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| Between 2005 and 2006 BakBone grew its Linux data protection market share
| from 70.6% to 73.2% as outlined in the report "Japan Storage Software
| 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares." *
| [...]
| According to IDC data, the Linux data protection software market in Japan is
| driven by BakBone, which continues to maintain high growth at approximately
| 20% per year. *

MySQL K.K. to Strengthen its Presence in the Japanese Database Market

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| MySQL K.K., the Japanese arm of the open source database developer MySQL AB,
| has announced three new initiatives aimed at strengthening its expansion in
| the Japanese market. *
%20to%20Strengthen%20its%20Presence%20in%20the%20J apanese%20Database%20Market

Government of Japan Embraces Open Software Standards

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| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), the leading organization
| advocating for openness and accessibility to government documents and
| information, today congratulated Japan for adopting a policy under which
| government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors
| whose products support internationally recognized open standards. * *

Linux hot at top Japanese embedded conference

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| Japan's largest embedded conference of the year reportedly
| featured a growing number of Linux-related demonstrations,
| compared to previous years.

Sidux Linux 2007.4

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| I didn't run into any stability issues and the inclusion of multimedia
| support was nice. I also liked that it synced up with the official Debian
| repositories. MP3 support will rule out any Debian diehards, but I imagine
| they would just use vanilla Sid instead. *

Seduced by Sidux

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| Sidux may have successfully seduced me, but I have to wait and try the
| Distribution Release so that I can properly and fully express my desire for
| this fine distro. *

sidux 2007-03 Review - The Sexiest.

Screenshots of Sidux 2007-03 preview1

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| By the way, another improvement *seen in sidux 2007-03 preview1 is the fonts
| used.
| The Bitstream Vera Sans 11 *is *definitely *better! * Just *visit the
| Distrowatch *with *the Iceweasal browser. *

Sidux 2007-02 - A Review

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| Simply put, Sidux 2007-02 was a pleasure to use. The live CD
| worked beautifully, as did the installer. The desktop is very
| dark, but this is nice to see after using so many “light” distributions.

sidux 2007-02

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| After 3 months of development we are proud to announce the
| immediate availability of the sidux-2007-02...

sidux 2007-02 Preview 1 Screenshot Tour

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| What's on the menu: Debian sid, up to date as of 2007-05-13; kernel
| (SMP, voluntary preemption, mac80211); minimal, but fully
| functional KDE 3.5.6 (en + de); completely overhauled early boot
| sequence; largely adapted installer and graphical installer
| front-end; enhanced installer for meta tasks; new artwork;o
| ffline manual...

Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable

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| It's a rare distribution that impresses me before I've even tried it,
| but sidux did just that when, a few hours after I'd downloaded and
| burned a two-day-old preview release, the project announced that the
| next release was available for download.

SIDUX 2007-01 Linux LiveCD

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| Screenshots gallery

Testdriving Sidux 2007

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| Sidux ships with a 2.6.20 kernel, Xorg 7.1.1, gcc 4.1.2, and KDE
| 3.5.5. Iceweasel appears to be the default browser and
| is only at version 2.0.4. Besides what appears to
| be most of the KDE apps, other apps include The Gimp, Amarok,
| K3B, Kaffine, Scribus, XFMedia player, and Inkscape. There are a
| few system configuration tools, but not a lot. Ksensors is
| available through apt-get.

sidux -- a new star in the Linux galaxy

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| What's most impressive: the huge amount of user documentation
| their documentation and translation teams have managed to write
| up in the short amount of time (the sidux user manual is currently
| available in English as well as Danish, Kroatian, Spanish and
| German).

sidux 2007-01 release

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| sidux is a full featured Debian Sid based live CD with a special
| focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within
| Sid and additional hard- and software support.

Sidux vs. Mint: Can You Live the Pure Open Source Life?

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| There are valid and compelling reasons why one might want to use only
| Open Source Software. Avoids any patent or IP legal issues, better
| security, and encourages innovation are just a few. However, on the
| other side of the argument there are justifiable reasons for the
| inclusion of multimedia codecs, proprietary drivers, and closed
| software in modern Linux distributions. Neither side is wrong.