First look: Qt 4.4.0 with Phonon and WebKit

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| Trolltech has released the Qt 4.4.0 technical preview, a pre-release that
| allows software developers to begin experimenting with the new features that
| the company has implemented for the next version. Qt is an open source
| development toolkit that simplifies cross-platform application development.

Valgrind 3.3.0 Released

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| Valgrind is a tool that helps you find memory management problems in Linux
| programs. From the 3.3.0 log: Helgrind works again with improved race
| detection and better error messages.

Netbeans 6.0, programmare รจ facile!


Survey: Windows loses ground with developers

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| Linux gaining share as the number of developers targeting Windows falls
| 12 percent, Evans Data says

Linux contributor base broadens

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| With more companies funding Linux work, the core hackers now delegate
| 70% of the coding...

Study: Developers Favor Linux

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| "Regardless of what kind of developer you are, you're still trying to
| make a living, and target the operating system that?s controlling the
| market."
| However, in the most recent survey, the developers' forecast of their
| target platform has changed. For the first time, these developers said
| that in the next 12 to 18 months they expect to be developing more Linux
| apps than Windows apps.