Ou Shill:

Vista deactivates me for upgrading motherboard firmware

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| Anytime you upgrade a motherboard BIOS you pretty much have to hold your
| breath because a botched installation will result in a bricked motherboard.
| But Microsoft seems to be well on its way to bricking my Operating System
| after I successfully upgraded my BIOS.


Microsoft MVP on bug:

Troubleshooting : Recycle Bin Icon does not change in Vista.

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| If you find that when your Recycle Bin does not refresh but shows the same
| icon, irrespective of whether it is empty or full, here are some
| trouble-shooting steps you can try. Hopefully, one of these 5, should help
| you.



ZDNet's George Ou Exposed as Ignorant Microsoft Shill (Zoon!)

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| Ou's reputation as a shoddy writer of fact-refuting, intellectually
| embarrassing misinformation earns both him and ZDNet the dishonor of a Zoon
| award nomination for spectacularly bad work in promoting the regression of
| human achievement. *


Long list of Vista bugs that will keep me off Vista

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| After a grueling week of intense Vista RTM testing, I still can't
| get Vista stable on my primary computer yet even though I've swapped
| out all the bad memory. *This same PC has worked with and continues
| to work with Windows XP just fine. *Even with the good memory in the
| computer, it locks up every hour or two and forces me to hard shut
| the system to reboot. *Apparently I'm not the only one with stability
| issues since reader DAC-Tech who's a Systems Engineer with a big
| company was having issues with his brand new ASUS based motherboard.


"Fake Steve Jobs" is Daniel Lyons, in case anyone wants to sue

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| Maybe we should be, since this is the man who wrote about the "evils" of
| anonymous blogging in *"Attack of the Blogs", where he said that blogs
| are “the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing
| lies, libel and invective.” *
| Um. Dude. Talk about world class hypocrisy.