Open-Source ATI 6.7.197 Driver Released

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| If NVIDIA releasing the 169.07 driver and AMD releasing the ATI Catalyst 7.12
| driver wasn't enough today, the xf86-video-ati 6.7.197 driver is now
| available for download.

It's the way to go.

Open source evolution and moving past generic strategies

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| Over the past two weeks or so I've participated in briefings with, but not
| exclusive to, the following companies: Concursive (formerly Centric CRM),
| Funambol and Nuxeo. In parallel, I've been preparing my predictions for the
| open source software marketplace in 2008 which has entailed analyzing
| industry-wide trends and maturity indicators. Doing so, has led me to the
| conclusion that there is a decided movement in the shift in the leadership
| landscape amongst commercial open source business models preparing to move
| into 2008.

Changing the rules of enterprise software

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| Most software is written for use, not for sale. It's written by the
| enterprises that also buy a small fraction of their software from Oracle,
| IBM, etc. If these organizations can be helped to pool resources and solve
| problems collectively, they win, CSI wins, and the industry wins (because the
| code is open source).

Also today:

NVIDIA 169.07 Linux Display Driver

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| Just in time for the holidays, NVIDIA has released a new Linux display
| driver, which is a stable version of their previous 169.04 beta last month.
| In addition, the new NVIDIA 169.07 Linux driver has a few changes, while most
| of the release highlights were already found in the 169.04 release. We are
| preparing additional Linux tests with this new driver, but for right now we
| have the details on this proprietary display driver. * *

AMD Catalyst 7.12 Linux Driver

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| It's that time of the month again where we get to share with you all of the
| details on the latest ATI/AMD Linux driver release. This month, the ATI
| Catalyst 7.12 Linux driver (formally, what is known as fglrx 8.44) brings a
| host of new changes, mostly in the form of bug fixes. In total, there are
| just under a dozen noteworthy bug fixes in this release -- including
| addressing 3D acceleration issues on AGP graphics cards and the well-known
| OpenGL memory leak that was introduced with the new driver code-base. In
| addition, the FireGL graphics cards are now supported on this new driver
| code-base. * * * *