Nokia N810 Internet Tablet gains remote media player

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| A San Francisco-based startup selling media-sharing software for home PCs and
| mobile devices has ported its flagship application to Nokia's Linux-based
| Internet tablet. Webot says its "Webot" software lets Nokia's WiFi-connected
| N8x0 Internet Tablets render music or photos stored on remote Linux, Windows,
| or Mac PCs.

Also today... more linux-compatible systems (they come all the time):

SoC for low-cost STBs runs Linux

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| STMicroelectronics (STM) has announced volume production of an SoC
| (system-on-chip) intended for standard-definition set-top boxes (STBs).
| Designed with an emphasis on low cost, the STi5202 uses the SH-4 core and
| supports Linux, the company says.

German firm rev's Linux-compatible GUI test tool

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| Bredex GmbH announced the release of version 2.0 of its Linux-compatible
| GUIdancer automated GUI test-tool. The Eclipse-based GUIdancer now supports
| the testing of Java (Swing, SWT/RCP) and "HTML applications," and has added a
| reusable projects feature.


The Secret Life of Embedded Linux

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| Manufacturers have to weigh sometimes competing factors when selecting
| Linux over Windows or a proprietary OS in consumer products. Often,
| the flexibility of Linux balances out those differences, sometimes
| it does not.
| Clearly, though, Linux's freedom and flexibility are driving the
| trend to putting Linux inside consumer products that are not
| encumbered with hardware restrictions. Manufacturers are not
| dependent on a single vendor with Linux.
| "Linux is a moving trend. More and more manufacturers are using
| it," concluded MontaVista's Ready.
| Yaghmour concurs. "Every engineer adapts it and expands the user
| base," he said. "Anybody who wants to enter the market is using
| Linux due to its low cost. It is hard to justify changing for a
| proprietary OS."

Where does Linux go from here?

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| Linux and free software are here to stay. No single commercial firm will ever
| control the Linux ecosystem like Microsoft has the rest of the software
| industry. Though both may prosper, the bazaar will outlive the boardrooms,
| and Linux popularity will continue to grow on servers, desktops, appliances,
| and embedded devices. * *