Apple Rumor Site to Shut Down in Settlement

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| Apple on Thursday put to rest the last of a series of lawsuits it brought in
| a losing and costly effort to put a stop to Web leaks about its product
| plans.

Probably paid him to keep quiet. Disgraceful.

Such corporate censorship ought to make Mac user think twice before paying such
a company.


How Apple orchestrated web attack on researchers

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| Apple is a mega corporation that nearly smashed the reputation of
| two individuals with bogus claims of fraud. It didn't matter
| that they weren't the ones pulling the trigger because they
| were pulling all the strings.

Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again

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| Apple has a history of using lawyers against bloggers. There was
| the now infamous Think Secret lawsuit, which may have had merit.
| But they also engage in clearly superfluous, bullying tactics as well.
| [...]
| The offending download page is here (the software has now been
| removed). Blogger Paul O'Brien simply linked to this download
| page and included a screenshot of the user interface and also
| received a cease & desist letter from Apple's lawyers.

Apple Arrogance Unleashed!

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| But the only problem with Apple is that it has no gratitude. Or humility. Or
| generosity. Or manners.
| I'm a big fan of Apple products. But there's no escaping the fact that Apple
| has always been, well, arrogant. Which was fine -- their superiority complex
| has always been both partially deserved and one of the company's motivations
| to strive for better things. But in the past few months, the company seems to
| have crossed some kind of invisible line, now brazenly pissing off not just
| competitors, but its most devoted fans, closest partners and industry
| supporters. * * *

Apple failing to understand open source

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| There is a cost for not being a good Open Source citizen and that
| cost is loss of goodwill in the community. That loss is more
| expensive in the long run than Apple realizes.

Mozilla exec calls Apple's Safari plan 'duopolistic'

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| In the speech predicting how Apple would expand its market share, Jobs showed
| a slide with Safari dominating almost a quarter of the market--a market
| shared only with a single other browser, Internet Explorer. *
| Lilly says he doesn't believe that this was an omission or simplification,
| but instead an indication that Jobs is hoping to steal people who use Firefox
| and other smaller browsers in order to run a "duopoly" with Redmond. *

Researcher Blasts Apple for 'Negligent' Patching

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| A researcher who went public last month with the first iPhone vulnerability
| says Apple's updating of the open-source components it uses in Mac OS X is
| inexcusable and negligent. *

Wozniak hates Open Sauce

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| In an interview with eWeek, Woz said that there are always people who want
| things to be free and the open-source movement starts with those sort of
| people. *