Ecora Software Adds Oracle Enterprise Linux Reporting to Auditor Professional

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| Ecora Software, the market-proven leader for configuration audit and
| analytics solutions, announces expanded enhancements to Ecora Auditor
| Professional(TM) that further extend its automated collection and reporting
| capabilities to include the newest generation of devices and operating
| systems being installed in enterprise environments.

Hydrogen: Using Linux to create slick drum beats

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| Now, because of the fact that Hydrogen is so intuitive, this description is
| going to be very short, so there will be more time for you to start creating
| your own beats, loops or songs. People who have used the pretty mediocre, but
| still popular program FruityLoops before will know exactly what to do when
| they first open the program and see the interface, but don't worry if you
| haven't, because Hydrogen is very easy to learn.

KDE Commit Digest - Issue 89 - 16th December 2007

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| This Week...
| A Sonnet-based spellcheck runner, and icons on the desktop in Plasma.
| Continued work revamping KBugBuster, more work towards KDevelop 4.
| GetHotNewStuff support for downloading maps in Marble. Image and audio
| dockers in Parley. The start of Glimpse, a new scanning application based on
| libksane. The beginnings of a generic resource display framework for

A video is included.


For 2008 expect more Linux applications

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| The big technology trend of the current day is the merging of markets —
| mobile, desktop, server, online — into one big all-you-can-eat application
| buffet.
| Nothing serves that buffet, at every level, as well as Linux. Linux works
| well in every niche. This will be the year applications start taking
| advantage.

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| The first being the application availability -- there are 37,000+ available
| packages!

Red Hat growth: A tale of 2,000 applications

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| Red Hat's Linux business continues to boom, even when we don't give it the
| credit that it deserves. What is the underlying reason for that growth?
| Applications.

Linux Will Displace Unix When It Comes To New Apps

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| Last month, Gartner analyst George Weiss predicted applications will no
| longer be developed to run on Unix.
| [...]
| Linux has its roots in Unix and is POSIX compliant, so converting a new
| application from one to the other will always be possible. *