UNESCO and Free Software

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| In 2001, as UNESCO begins to lend its support to the Free Software Movement,
| it is almost 18 years since we launched the movement and began developing the
| GNU operating system. We have come a long way.


QualiPSo consortium organizes the first international conference on Open Source
Software quality

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| Organized in Rome, under the patronage of the European Commission, the
| QualiPSo 2008 conference will bring together international authorities and
| experts on OSS trends, reveal the first results of research carried out by
| the QualiPSo consortium, and be a forum for debate about the drivers for
| encouraging trust in OSS.


With Holland embracing FLOSS, there's the domino effect at the moment.


Source of the revolution

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| According to Ghosh, the notional value of Europe's investment in
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) today is e22bn,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
| representing 20.5pc of the region's total software investment.
| Spending on OSS stands at e36bn and accounts for 20pc of software
| expenditure in the US.


European spend on open source software hits 22bn Euros

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| Rishab Ghosh, a senior researcher at the UN University in Maastricht,
| will tell the Open Ireland conference in Dublin that the spend in the
| US on free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) stands at 36bn
| Euros and accounts for 20pc of software spend in the US.