Moving From Mac to Ubuntu

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| Yikes, I am locked in.
| The one thing I learned from this, is I am currently locked into Apple stuff.
| I didn’t quite realize it until now though - it never really hit home. For
| example, if I moved back to Linux I would have no way of syncing my iPhone. I
| also have an Airport Extreme, and near as I can tell, I can’t edit any of the
| Airport settings from Linux. Let alone my iTunes purchases. Wow, I am toast.
| I always imagined I could just install Ubuntu on my Apple hardware if it ever
| got down to it, but it seems that it is not that easy. By the way, hats off
| to the open firmware guys and yaboot - I was impressed that Ubuntu actually
| could install on and support most Mac hardware.
| If you are running intel hardware, you are not likely in this same boat. You
| can probably use boot camp to easily dual boot or use vmware.
| My lesson learned here is - single vendor lock in is limiting on your
| personal maneuverability, no matter how cool the products seem to be. If the
| company you are hooked in with starts putting out stuff you don’t like, the
| economy takes a dump and you can’t afford their stuff, or you disagree with
| something, your options are limited.
| (Written on my Ubuntu Thinkpad T23 while I am installing Leopard for a third
| time on my Powerbook. Holding to the hope that the problems I am having were
| things I somehow did wrong.)

Thank goodness for Apple 'choice'.


Leopard is the New Vista, and It's Pissing Me Off

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| Before Apple makes any more smug OS-related attacks on Microsoft, it ought to
| take a good look in the mirror.

Apple's Xmas gift: wireless networking problems

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| In October, the Apple faithful received the latest, greatest update to their
| much-vaunted operating system, Mac OS X. As with every other upgrade, it has
| a wonderful name: Leopard. *

10.5.1 Fixes Numerous Leopard Flaws

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| 10.5.1 also reportedly fixes problems in storing wireless network passwords
| and using Disk Utility, and it addresses five Mail flaws. A bug that resulted
| in "potential data loss issue when moving files across partitions in the
| Finder" has been corrected; this issue cropped up when using Command-drag to
| move, not copy, files in the Finder across local hard drives and mounted
| volumes. * *

Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard

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| Aaaand … poof!
| The directory on our Desktop is now gone. The directory shown in the C$ mount
| will only contain files that were copied entirely before the connection was
| disrupted, but nothing more (in the demonstration case, there’s only one file
| in "test", so nothing was copied successfully). *
| [...]
| Where’s the rest of our data?
| Apple, please FTFF already. This is unacceptable.

Leopard early adopters suffer for the rest of us

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| Mac OS X 10.5.1 will likely arrive around Thanksgiving with fixes for most of
| the problems encountered by the brave early adopters.

Some Leopard upgraders see 'blue screen of death'

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| A significant number of Mac owners upgrading to Leopard on Friday reported
| that after installing the new operating system, their machines locked up,
| showing only an interminable -- and very Windows-like -- "blue screen of
| death." *

New iMacs plagued by interface freezing issues

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| A growing number of users have reported that Apple's aluminum all-in-one
| computers suffer from a flaw that locks up the interface, rendering the
| system all but inert until a reboot. *

Apple Arrogance Unleashed!

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| But the only problem with Apple is that it has no gratitude. Or humility. Or
| generosity. Or manners.
| I'm a big fan of Apple products. But there's no escaping the fact that Apple
| has always been, well, arrogant. Which was fine -- their superiority complex
| has always been both partially deserved and one of the company's motivations
| to strive for better things. But in the past few months, the company seems to
| have crossed some kind of invisible line, now brazenly pissing off not just
| competitors, but its most devoted fans, closest partners and industry
| supporters. * * *