Students rehab old computers for families in need

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| ‘‘They like ... learning how to set up a computer with an operating system
| and software,” he said.
| In the coming weeks, Bollino’s students will be working with Chris Gregan,
| founder of Aptenix Open Desktop Consulting in New Market, who offered to
| teach students about open-source software.
| Open-source software allows free access to applications equivalent to systems
| such as Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office.


Welcome To "Kids Without"

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| This organization was founded in Helena, MT on Oct. 3, 2006 with one simple
| goal in mind. To provide computers to families who can't afford them while
| recycling used computer hardware which is donated directly to the
| organization... *You would be suprised.... After testing the hardware we
| pop in a CD with on it.... Then when the system
| boots.... The machine is tested by my kids and if it passes this check list
| it's ready to be distributed....