raylopez99 wrote:
> This is my fifth or sixth failed download. Just when I thought I
> found a LInux distro "Xubuntu", that will work on an old Pentium II
> machine with a BIOS before 1998, a Linux user tells me that Xubuntu's
> "Gutsy Gibbon" (the stupid name for their latest release) won't work
> on old machines (see below).
> But to get the "6.06 LTS ALT" version, at 23 kb/s it will take 8 hours
> to download it.
> Back to square one. Unbelieveable. Maybe I'll have to pay for a CD--
> in which case, what's the point of Linux? Might as well pay Redmond.

Umm, what Redmond currently sells won't run on that machine. Linux will.


David L. Johnson

Let's be straight here. If we find something we can't understand we
like to call it something you can't understand, or indeed even
-- Douglas Adams