Secure hypervisor runs Linux from "Padded Cell"

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| Green Hills Software announced a technology it calls "the world's first
| secure hypervisor." The Linux-compatible Padded Cell Secure Hypervisor runs
| atop Green Hill's Integrity separation kernel and real-time operating system
| (RTOS), and boasts secure virtualization capability for platforms ranging
| from embedded devices to enterprise servers.


Microsoft insults our intelligence on Virtualization security

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| Microsoft has once again pulled out the security argument for its
| decision again and I must say that I find it rather insulting. It’s
| not that I think Microsoft doesn’t have a right as a private business
| to set the terms of the EULA as they see fit, but don’t take us for f
| ools. If they want to restrict Virtualization, just come out and
| say it and don’t make up ridiculous excuses for it.
| [...]
| Trying to stop a Hypervisor Rootkit with a EULA is like trying to
| stop Malware with a EULA.