Choosing a Linux Distro, Part 1: Kicking the Tires

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| "Linux is all about choice. Every distro is a little different. But under the
| hood all have the same core parts," Dan Kohn, COO of The Linux Foundation,
| told LinuxInsider. "This is in big contrast to the Windows and Mac worlds,
| which are more monolithic."


Why Having 500+ Distros is a Good Thing

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| Perhaps next time the author might think about what they're
| saying...because limiting the number of distros out there is
| absolutely NOT the way to go to accomplish anything other
| than limiting innovation.

Zecurion Launches Zserver Storage 2.0 for Linux

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| Zserver Storage 2.0 for Linux protects hard drives with Linux OS 2.6 kernel.
| The new version supports the majority of popular Linux distributions such as
| SuSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, ALTLinux, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware,
| etc. Another gain of Zserver Storage 2.0 is administration from a centralized
| console (Zconsole) that is used for managing all Zecurion products.