Interoperability is top open source customer worry

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| The OSA singled out Microsoft, as opposed to Oracle or SAP, because its
| member companies mostly target midmarket customers, according to
| Sartorio. "We have one common competitor: Microsoft."

Microsoft tried to join also. It wants to keep its enemies closer (Gates'
words) to do damage from the inside.


Open Solutions Alliance Debuts New Showcase At LinuxWorld

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| Open Solutions Alliance was formed in February 2007 to drive the adoption
| and interoperability of enterprise class open business solutions.

Using open source as a marketing ploy

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| This is typical trend riding fluff. If you go the Aras website you
| read about "Microsoft Enterprise Open Source Solutions", which is
| comical in and of itself.

"Microsoft says open-source software is un-American. Has the company
completely lost its mind?

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| Feb. 15, 2001 | Once upon a time, Microsoft executives confined
| their criticism of Linux and free software to old-fashioned FUD
| -- fear, uncertainty and doubt. Linux wasn't good enough for
| enterprise-class systems, they declared. You couldn't get
| quality support, and it was too hard and clunky for average users.
| Fair enough. But now, judging by comments made Wednesday by
| Microsoft's operating systems chief Jim Allchin (and reported
| by Bloomberg News), it turns out that free and open-source
| software is something far worse than anyone could possibly have
| imagined. It is nothing less than a threat to the American
| way of life! "