CeBIT LinuxPark 2008: green IT, virtualisation, software as a service and Web

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| The LinuxPark, which will be taking place for the sixth time at next year's
| CeBIT under the joint direction of Deutsche Messe and Linux New Media AG,
| will be presenting current issues surrounding open source.

Linux is growing big on the desktop in Germany (authorities first).

Free Ontario

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| It doesn't matter if they end up switching wholesale to Ubuntu Linux, adopt
| AbiWord as the Provincial word processor, or even just make the move to use
| Firefox on all desktops. The Goal is to raise awareness. The Goal is to get
| our foot in the door. Once it’s in, we can do more.
| Show them the power of Open Source. Show them the power of a community
| working together. Show them how to think differently.
| Show them how to make a Free Ontario.


Germany Police Union Wants GNU/Linux

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| The demand of the police union now is to drop the Microsoft-based software
| and to reconsider the usage of free and open source systems instead.

Open Document Format gains more support

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| The position of the German Foreign Office, as host of the event, was made
| very clear. The Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in his
| opening word, called ODF "a completely open and ISO-standardized format",
| considering it an "excellent basis" for "a free exchange of knowledge and
| information in a time of globalization". The Foreign Office has already
| linked its foreign missions in a network using open-source programs and *
| shifted to OpenOffice and Linux operation systems on their laptops and has in
| view to extend this program to all diplomatic workstations by the middle of
| 2008. * * *

German Universities Tap Novell for Infrastructure Needs

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| The agreement will give 560,000 students and employees across 33 universities
| access to key enterprise management and Linux services from Novell, including
| SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. *

Linux employment in German schools rises

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| According to a study of the computer science Dienstleisters DLGI the German
| schools invest into computer science instruction, whereby Linux and
| are increasingly used. *
| The Microsoft monopoly at the schools, which is to be at present about 99%,
| will crumble in the coming two years, found DLGI out in the study. In this
| period new PC systems want to purchase, over 40% also new Office software
| over 50% of the asked schools. Many look actively for alternatives to
| Microsoft. * *

Primary school goes Ubuntu

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| I prepared 5 CDs and installed 14 PCs in less than two hours,
| including account setup and Firefox preparation (start page to a
| kids friendly site, Adblock).

Linux and real-time Java power German traffic lights

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| A major European vendor of city-wide traffic management systems is porting
| its flagship traffic light controller to Linux and real-time Java.

Linux and real-time Java power German traffic lights

,----[ Quote ]
| A major European vendor of city-wide traffic management systems is porting
| its flagship traffic light controller to Linux and real-time Java.

German parliament plans to pursue open source strategy further

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| The administration behind the Bundestag has reacted to criticism from
| the Linux Association concerning the call for tenders for an IT
| project.

LinuxTag: Berlin to make better use of its open-source

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| At the opening of the trade fairs LinuxTag and IT-Profits the
| Senator of Economics of the German federal state of Berlin
| Harald Wolf announced in Berlin on Wednesday that his
| department would from 2008 on be switching to Linux.

German government plans to use open document formats in its administration

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| In addition, the German government says that its "Advancing
| eGovernment" conference held at the end of February in Berlin
| also provided impetus for greater use of open standards in
| information technology both in industry and in public administration.
| As a result of this conference, the German government plans to
| implement open document formats in its administration.

Canonical and NT+C Südwest GmbH Partner to Deliver Ubuntu Certified
Professional Training in Germany

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| "The uptake of Linux in Germany has increased dramatically over the
| past two years. Canonical produces the fastest growing and most
| popular Linux distribution, partnering with them is of great
| importance not only to us, but to German businesses," added Hugo
| Schröer, CEO at NT+C Südwest GmbH.

City of Munich is looking for additional Linux specialists (technical system

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| You can join the limux client team! The City of Munich published four
| job vacancies on their official homepage! If you?ve always been a fan
| of the open-source movement, want to take part in an ambitious project
| and be part of a great team and have appropriate knowledge of free
| software generally, as well as Debian GNU/Linux and

Firefox, Linux, Mac OSX gaining further momentum, Microsoft losing
marketshare in Germany

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| In Germany, the move away from Microsoft products is gathering more and
| more steam.
| The latest browser and OS statistics for SpiegelOnline, one of or maybe
| THE most visited German news website (and one of the major websites
| worldwide according to the Netcraft statistics) is showing the huge
| impact of Firefox on the browser market, and the continuing,
| undamped crumbling of the Internet Explorer dominance.

German Linux Trade Group to MS: Be Specific About Patents - It's the Law

(in German)

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| "Ballmer's assertion must be viewed as the typical Microsoft approach
| to alienate the market by spreading rumors or threats", said the
| official representative of the Linux related companies in Germany
| in a statement made in Berlin on November 27th 2006. "This is
| obviously part of a PR campaign related to the market launch of
| Windows Vista....If Microsoft cannot show evidence to support
| their claims, then they are outside the boundaries of German
| competition regulations. We call upon Microsoft to either prove
| their case, or to refrain from making such unfounded statements.
| Furthermore, we call upon European Politicians to protect open
| competition in Europe. In particular, small and mid sized companies,
| which form the majority of European Linux service providers, need to
| be protected from tedious legal disputes resulting from pretended
| assertions of Microsoft."

Public sector drives open-source takeup

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| In September, Munich began its migration to Linux on the desktop.
| The city switched the first 100 of its 14,000 PCs from Microsoft's
| Windows operating system and Office applications to Linux and
| OpenOffice.

Open Source facilitates German world-wide secure network

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| With respect to Open Source, the AA is serious about migrating all
| its Windows desktops to Linux. But before that, and to be independent
| in the long run as well, all the applications that are used
| internally are being rewritten as web-applications.

Linux reaches the Italian Parliament

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| As reported by the Italian newspaper Repubblica on July 10th, 2007, a plan
| suggested by the left deputies Pietro Folena and Franco Grillini to migrate
| all the computers of the Parliament from Windows to Linux was approved by the
| Chamber. *
| The migration will affect about 3500 boxes of the Chamber, both desktops and
| servers, and each Deputy/Party may also ask to migrate his/its (private)
| computers to the Free System. *

The French Parliament switches to Ubuntu

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| The French Parliament looks to be the next big Ubuntu switcher according to
| reports. Recently the Parliament produced an official government report
| that recommended the use of free software over proprietary software. The
| switch to free software is expected to provide a substantial savings to the
| tax-payers according to the government study.

Socialist Party Netherlands wants to abolish Windows monopoly

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| She asked the minister of state if he is prepared to ask the Dutch Rivalry
| Authority NMa (Institution that controls economical abuse, competition etc.)
| to research if Microsoft is in an illegal monopoly position at the moment. *

Dutch Consumer Association declares war on Vista

Open source test successful

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| 28 September 2007 - A test with open source software has been successful and
| there are no technical impediments to introducing such software in the entire
| municipal organisation, Amsterdam announced this week at a meeting organised
| by the Ministry of the Interior. *

Dutch political party's youth department switching to open source software

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| DWARS, the youth department of Dutch political party GroenLinks, wants open
| source software to be the standard for computers and internet.

Decision on open source in December

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| If the outcome is positive, 10,000 municipality employees will change to open
| source software.

Netherlands Picks ODF

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| Frank Heemskerk, Minister of Economic Affairs, announced today that ODF will
| be the standard for reading, publishing and the exchange of information for
| all governmental organisations. The deadline is January 2009. *