Better Than Kindle?

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| While I'm thinking about all the things I'd do with it, this is what comes to
| my mind: this thing cost around $400. There are few other devices that cost
| that much these days:
| * Nokia N810
| * Asus eeePC 701
| * OLPC

Here's a good early look at Android:

Hands on with Android: XML Parsing

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| Here is an XML parser that I created to showcase Android’s UI. It retrieves
| NBA, MLB and NFL scores off of my web server. The true beauty is that Android
| is J2SE seasoned with some Google UI components.

All Linux. Vista says goodbye to a mobility generation.


This time for sure on mobile Linux

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| The Wal-Mart Linux PC, priced at $198, is sold out. Zonbu seems to be gaining
| traction, with a notebook priced at $279.
| “You’re seeing incredibly improved device drivers. We’ve got hundreds now.
| This is a phenomenal effort that plays to the strength of Linux, a volunteer
| community representing millions of dollars in free development.
| “You’re seeing more manufacturers shipping Linux desktops, PCs and laptops
| but also mobile Internet devices from Acer, Motorola’s Razr, TiVo…there’s a
| slew of new devices coming out.”

Linux Sees 'Astronomic' Growth in Mobile Devices

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| "We were very aware that the growth in mobile for Linux was huge, but we
| didn't know it was so astronomic," Amanda McPherson, marketing director for
| the Linux Foundation, told LinuxInsider. "These are very encouraging
| numbers." Why Linux has drawn significant support from the community of
| handset manufacturers can be explained on several fronts, McPherson said.

Linux is about to take over the low end of PCs

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| Opinion -- Sometimes, several unrelated changes come to a head at the same
| time, with a result no one could have predicted. The PC market is at such a
| tipping point right now and the result will be millions of Linux-powered PCs
| in users' hands. *
| [...]
| Microsoft will fight this trend tooth and nail. It will cut prices to the
| point where it'll be bleeding ink on some of its product lines. And Windows
| XP is going to stick around much longer than Microsoft ever wanted it to.
| Still, it won't be enough. By attacking from the bottom, where Microsoft can
| no longer successfully compete, Linux will finally cut itself a large slice
| of the desktop market pie. * * *