Entrigue’s Script Start Now Available as Open Source - Script Start Community
manages user profiles on Windows desktops from Windows and Linux servers

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| Script Start Community 2.0 is available today for use at no charge under a
| GPLv3 license and can be downloaded at www.scriptstart.com.


Systems Analysis Tools for an On-Demand World

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| First, Paglo came out last month (in beta) with a free and open source (GPL)
| crawler service that scours the reams of log files and other electronic
| records users point it at inside of data centers and server farms. With a
| subsequent index, IT operators can view on and search for needed analysis and
| metrics of IT use and performance data as an online service via browsers.


Sun Open-Source Support Questioned

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| Despite a broad overture to provide greater support for its open-source
| projects, Sun Microsystems is facing criticism for the handling of yet
| another open-source effort started by former Sun employees.