That Which We Call Free

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| GNU Project and Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman posted a
| message on the OpenBSD -misc mailing list titled, "real men don't attack
| straw men", suggesting that some comments he had made were being
| misrepresented.

You can support software freedom in 2008!

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| At the 2007 annual Associate Members meeting held in March at MIT in
| Cambridge, the FSF board and staff gathered with members from around the
| world to discuss our activities and the tremendous successes we have had
| together in the past year.


SELinux vs. OpenBSD's Default Security

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| Darrin Chandler suggested, "security should not be grafted on, it should be
| integrated into the main development process. I'm sure the patch maintainers
| are doing their best, but this doesn't change the fundamental flaw in the
| process. It's not a flaw of their making, it's inherent in the situation. But
| it's still a flaw." * *

Open Source coders caught stealing Open Source code

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| Developers of OpenBSD took code from their brethren at Linux, violating
| the code's licence, the GPL. To the horror of the Linux folk, the
| OpenBSD licence allows proprietary use.