CentricCRM Reinvents Itself as Concursive

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| In short, the company didn't want to be limited by the CRM name anymore, said
| Harvey.


SWsoft renames itself Parallels

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| For Linux, it's based on the open-source OpenVZ technology, but Virtuozzo
| also is available for Windows.


OpenVZ Project Pushes Technology Boundaries By Combining Different Types of
Open Source Virtualization

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| The OpenVZ project announced that using its open source virtualization
| software in combination with virtual machine open source Xen software, users
| can effectively create many virtual servers to improve utilization of the
| physical server.



User pressure leads SugarCRM to adopt GPLv3

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| SugarCRM is to adopt Version 3 of the GNU general public license (GPLv3) for
| the next release of its open source CRM software after coming under pressure
| from its user community to move away from its own Sugar Public License.


As Sugar 5.0 debuts, SugarCRM looks to developer version

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| Another difference is that SCE 5.0 will be licensed under version 3 of the
| GNU general public license (GPLv3) instead of the vendor's own Sugar Public
| License, a derivation of the Mozilla Public License, as had previously been
| the case. *


Interview with OpenVZ Project Manager Kir Kolyshkin

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| I had the opportunity to be part of the OpenVZ booth at the recent LinuxWorld
| Expo in San Francisco where I met the OpenVZ Project Manager, Kir Kolyshkin.
| He was kind enough to answer some questions for me via email. *


ChangeLog: New release paves the way for OpenVZ on Ubuntu

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| The OpenVZ team released an update today to make OpenVZ compatible
| with the 2.6.20 release of the Linux kernel, which may allow OpenVZ
| to work with Ubuntu Feisty, due to be released next month.


Debian Linux Adopts OpenVZ Virtualization Software

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| The OpenVZ project announced its operating system-level server
| virtualization software technology is incorporated into Debian
| GNU/Linux giving users full access to OpenVZ software, which
| helps increase server utilization rates.


OpenVZ updates open source virtualization

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| SWsoft's OpenVZ project, which develops an open source
| virtualization product, has announced availability of beta level
| software based on the Linux kernel 2.6.18 -- preparing users for
| the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) and Debian GNU/Linux
| 4 releases.


OpenVZ virtualization heads to Power chips

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| SWsoft programmers have created a version of the OpenVZ Linux
| virtualization software that works on Power processors, the company
| plans to announce Friday.


Mandriva virtualises enterprise server

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| Mandriva, formerly MandrakeSoft, has released Corporate Server 4.0, its
| latest bid to move beyond its roots as an end-user-oriented Linux
| distribution to challenge Red Hat and Novell in the market for business
| servers.