Softmaker 2008 office suite is ready for Windows

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| Today, the vendor announced that the finished version of Softmaker Office
| 2008 is on sale.

Linux and BSD are supported by Softmaker.

Apple's Mac market share rise is good for consumers

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| So regardless of whether you love Apple or not, realize one thing: greater
| consumer happiness hinges on Apple's success.


Choice: The system of Checks and Balances in Linux

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| What am I getting at here? Just that Linux has and always will be about
| choice. And although it is probably good to keep choice to a minimum when it
| comes to OEM deals (so as not to confuse the unwashed masses), it must be
| remembered that Linux can never consolidate to a point where only a few
| distros exist. Not only is it impossible given the nature of Linux and the
| needs of its users, but even if it did happen, corporate issues/politics
| could eventually muddy the development process and possibly the public
| perception of Linux in general. Smaller distros not only exist for the
| benefit of their user base; they exist as a system of checks and balances to
| the big boys and will keep the whole entire Linux ecosystem alive and moving
| well into the future. * * * * *

Linux needs diversity.

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| The Human race is successful (too successful perhaps?) because of its
| diversity over a standard model has enabled it to concentrate on growing and
| expanding without having to worry if its heart pumps at the correct rate or
| the intestines are routed properly. The same thing should be for Linux. The
| advantage Linux has over the Human race is that if a better, stronger
| skeleton comes along then it can be replaced across the board and a new
| species of Linux is born.

Philosophy of Non-Competition

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| People periodically ask me about competition in the open source
| community, especially competition between various languages.
| One thing Microsoft seems to have figured out is that developers
| want multiple languages to choose from and will always want
| multiple languages to choose from. Diversity is an advantage,
| not a disadvantage. Ruby, for example, benefits from Perl, PHP,
| and Python's success, just like they benefit from Ruby's success.
| Java would likely never have been released as open source if it
| weren't for the success of the other languages. Having multiple
| successful open source languages each used by multiple successful
| projects makes it that much easier for companies to consider open
| source alternatives. The more the merrier.