Ulteo brings OpenOffice to Web browser

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| People can also exchange documents in Microsoft's Office format or PDF. The
| service also supports the OpenDocument Format standard.
| There are already several companies offering online versions of traditional
| desktop applications, including Google, Zoho, and others. Microsoft on Monday
| released Office Live Workspace, which lets people share Office documents on a
| hosted Web server.


Use OpenOffice.org online with Ulteo !

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| Register to be one of the 15,000 beta users



Ulteo Declares a Desktop Revolution

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| Several Linux systems debuted over the last few years with the
| promise of making Linux easier for the ordinary user. The
| lastest of the desktop debutantes is a mysterious Linux know as Ulteo.


Ulteo's Screenshots (installation in six steps)

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| Here you can see the screenshots for Ulteo, the new kid on the block,
| and claims to be the world's easiest linux.


Ulteo the new "easiest" linux in the world

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| This new distro claims to be the easiest linux now a days, it is
| based on KUBUNTU, according to Duval, Ulteo is more than just user
| friendly, the Ulteo philosophy is to offer a system where the user
| won't need to spend too much time upgrading, fine tunning and
| managing the system.


Ulteo Sirius Alpha1 has been released! Towards an "Application Syste

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| Now, just download the liveCD, burn it to a CD and put it into your
| PC and boot.