Managing Videos in Linux is easier!

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| Normally i watch few DVDs per week. When i was using windows, i used to use a
| disk image creating programme such as "Alcohol120%" or "diskmagic" to create
| the image and watch it later when i'm free. It also enable you create a whole
| collection of DVDs right on your Hard drive. And if you need, you can easily
| burn them later.
| Linux has a built-in iso image creation programme, which makes your life
| easier. I use "ubuntu feisty fawn". You can just right click on the disk and
| select "copy disk". Following window will appear.

A Mac like dock for your Linux desktop

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| That fancy row of icons at the bottom of the Mac OS X desktop is pretty good,
| you have to admit. Hence the multitude of copy-cats that followed on other
| OS’s, none of which really matching the quality of the OS X dock. However,
| with advances in 3D desktop support, Avant Window Navigator (AWN) has stepped
| up, and is beginning to mark its territory, all over the OS X dock.


An overview of dockers available for the KDE and Linux

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| If you run KDE, you aren't just stuck with the standard "kicker"
| panel to operate as your app launcher and taskbar. There are a
| bunch of nice panel replacements that will spice up your desktop
| nicely. The ones that I've used and tested are kooldock,
| kxdocker and the nkotb kiba-dock...

Ubuntu 6.10 with XGL & Kiba-Dock

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| After some modifications, here's a video of my Ubuntu 6.10
| desktop with Beryl XGL and Kiba-Dock.

A Beautiful Dock For Ubuntu

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| I can't contain my excitement. Great great great application. Oh, and
| here's the best part... ready? It installs via synaptic and is included in
| automatic updates too. It's currently available for Edgy and Feisty.