Condor Takes Flight as Open Source

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| Free software is already very strong in this sector; open sourcing Condor
| will only add to its lead there over proprietary solutions.


Red Hat Fleshes Out Linux Automation Strategy

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| Red Hat will today unveil its first product in the Linux Automation strategy
| for enterprise, with standards-based transaction messaging, a real-time
| kernel, and a grid computing capability. *

Red Hat's Linux Automation Delivers 100-Fold Performance Gains with Messaging,
Realtime and Grid Technologies

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| Red Hat Enterprise MRG is a revolutionary distributed computing platform that
| provides exceptional performance through reliable enterprise messaging,
| realtime capabilities and advanced grid and high-throughput computing
| technologies. *

Red Hat aims to remake server messaging

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| Red Hat plans to begin a private beta test of new open-source messaging
| software next month, hoping to shake up a section of the server market
| currently dominated by proprietary rivals and give the Linux seller a new
| revenue source. *

RHEL just tripled the size of its ISV ecosystem!

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| Through that series of announcements, Red Hat is lining up its complete RHEL
| strategy and making it clear that it can fit all deployment scenarios -
| traditional or emerging - through the exact same RHEL bits. That proves the
| flexibility of RHEL as a distribution and also factually multiplies the size
| of RHEL’s ecosystem by further enabling all existing RHEL’s ISV on two new
| emerging scenarios, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. While that might
| seem like a trivial statement, it is far from the truth. Just look at VMWare
| for example: while they are getting great traction in the virtualization
| field, it is going to be very difficult for them to enter the two emerging
| fields discussed above, as they have a pretty much empty ISV ecosystem today.
| And you don’t build an ISV ecosystem overnight (you can partner with one or
| acquire one, but not build one overnight). * * * * *

Singapore Airlines puts a PC in every seat

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| The whole system runs on Red Hat's distribution of the Linux operating
| system.

StarOffice, Linux fly high on Singapore Airlines

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| Singapore Airlines is offering access to Sun's StarOffice 8 office
| productivity suite free of charge to passengers on its new Boeing
| 777-300ER aircraft. StarOffice, Sun's proprietary version of
|, runs on the aircraft's Linux server and is accessed
| via a seat-back terminal at each passenger's seat, according to Sun.

Airborne Linux Hackers Unite!

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| Virgin America calls their new in-flight entertainment system “Red,” but it
| is really a gigantic sociological experiment in airborne distributed
| computing. *

Virgin America

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| The IFE runs Linux, boots over the network and has a full qwerty
| keyboard.
| [...]
| Finally, the IFE has Doom on it, I don't know if it is multiplayer
| or not. There is a competition going where you can submit your
| Open Source games for evaluation if they can run on the aircraft,
| a new target for game makers.

Demo features POSIX-compliant separation kernel, Linux

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| LynuxWorks says its simulated aircraft demo for EAC shows a pair
| of applications running on a Linux guest OS, alongside a secure
| application running on top of LynxSecure. The demo will show that
| failure of the guest Linux OS does not impair operation of the
| LynxSecure application, the company says.

Linux headed into Boeing anti-sub aircraft

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| Boeing has awarded Wind River Systems a contract to embed its version
| of Linux into a new military aircraft, the company plans to announce
| Monday along with a new batch of products built around the
| open-source operating system.

Over 30s VAX, Linux breeds Boeing's new jets

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| Hawker de Havilland, the local arm of aircraft engineering giant Boeing,
| will retire its 30-year-old VAX system in favour of its new Linux-based
| environment in the manufacture of parts for the company's next-generation
| 787 jets.